Adobe Spark Page | Reflection


The best technique I have used for projects for our class and other computer activates has been Photoshop’s quick selection tool. It has made work ten times easier to select an image, have it in it’s own layer and paste the selection onto something new. What made this assignment a challenge was choosing which fairytale to use, and finding images suiting the topic. I don’t know if I did the assignment correctly but I tried my best. maxresdefault-2.jpgLearning about the quick selection tool in our class was the best technique for me to master. I really disliked applications like Photoshop and other adobe products in the past because I was never able to grasp what was being shown. Professor Smolizza’s mastery of not only Photoshop but other applications as well not has only helped me, but my colleagues as well. For this assignment I used Photoshop, as I am now completely comfortable with using it daily. I really like Adobe Spark and what it offers for its users. I never knew about this web application prior to taking our Multimedia class. The best part about this web application is that it is free to use. I’ve started telling some of my friends that are artist to create an account and use Adobe Spark to promote their artwork. Our Multimedia class has opened my eyes to many fun and great applications.


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