Adobe Spark | Reflection

SP.jpgUsing Adobe Spark was very fascinating for me as I never knew that creating a real professional video could be a completely easy process. I’ve never really needed to use applications like Adobe Spark as mobile devices such as iPhones capture photos and videos for the user. What I like about this application is how simple it allows the user to create videos in a short amount of time. It gives the users freedom to create a video the way he or she wants to, with different styles and templates for one to choose from.

Here is my first Adobe Spark Video!

FullSizeRender-1.jpgMaking this Adobe Spark recipe video made me realize how much I miss my grandmother’s cooking, especially her homemade roti skins. Whenever my family flew down to Florida, she would have Roti skins prepared for our arrival along with many other meats and dishes to eat them with. She is the best cook on my father’s side, and its amazing that her cooking abilities are still astounding despite being up there in age. I look forward to seeing her upon my next time in Florida.


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