My First Blog Post: About Me

Welcome. My name is Andrew. This is my very first blog post and I am very excited to share it with all of you. Today I will be talking about the best 8 things that I truly love and enjoy.

First, having a strong and structured family is very important. One may not always get along with them, but no matter what he or she will always be bound to members of the family by blood. I really love and appreciate the family I have, both the immediate and intermediate members. My immediate family includes my mother, father, and little brother, all whom I love dearly.

Mom & Brother

My mother is the kindest soul in the world and also the person who has given me everything I need, and also the person who has raised me to be who I am today. She is a very humble and loving person who continues to help people, and families daily while working for a major foster care agency. She is a major centerpiece of our family by always bringing people together and hosting events to bring around great times and memories for many to experience. My mother is the person I look up to the most,  and I want to emulate her success by also becoming successful. My father is also a person that I have a strong relationship with. Anything I ever needed, he would be the one to out and get it for me. He is a person of few words, but is always someone that wanted to see his family happy. The best thing he ever taught me to do was how to drive. I past my driving test the first time, and from that point on, it has been a luxury and freedom to drive anywhere without having to depend on anybody.

My brother is also a special person in my life. Being born premature and spending 90 days in the hospital, he has overcome many challenges in life. Being born with special needs, it taught me how to be patience, and always appreciate what you are and what you have. After 18 long years, he will be graduating high school which will be an amazing accomplishment.

My intermediate family is huge, specifically on my mother’s side. There are so many levels of the family tree that we stunned a lot to know who we are related to. The love we have for one another is simply special.

La Familia



The second thing that I really love to do is work at my job. I work for a private organization known IMG_9739.JPGas the Working Parent’s Alliance. The organization current runs two afterschool programs in the Marine Park area. Counselors are responsible for monitoring the children, coming up with exciting fun projects, and always making sure the children are having a great time. I believe I have passion for this job because my parents both work with children.

In the summer time, the organization runs a summer camp program. Here, it is more engaging as children are exposed to many different field trips animg_9607d being away from their parents for 10 hours a day  for two months. I have been working with this organization for 8 years. The friendly atmosphere and coworkers will always make it easier to workers to come back every year to work.


The third thing I really love to do is eat food. Who really doesn’t love to eat? I love to eat and try many different foods, but what I really love to eat is chicken. People that really know me know I have a special for chicken.

The fourth thing that I really love to do is play video games. I have been playing video games since I was five years old. My very first video game console my father bought me wide-a467935dwas the first generation of Playstation. Its amazing how far technology has gotten with gaming devices. Currently, I own an Xbox One console and play daily. The video game that I play the most is NBA 2k17.

Every year, 2k studios makes a video game that mirrors the style of play basketball and of the NBA. NBA 2k17 is the most up to date basketball video game of the 2k series. Every year, new features are included, and this year 2k studios went above an  beyond to truly emulate basketball and bring realism into a video game. This game is the fifth thing I love to do on my free time. Here is a video to showcase this masterpiece. 

Senior Year

The sixth thing I really love to do is play music and DJ. I have about 43,000 songs in iTunes on my laptop, which has been collected from years of music search between websites and uploading cds. I have been DJing since my senior year in high school, and have since purchased my own equipment to do events. img_0796I love to entertain people, play music and watch party goers have as much fun as possible.

The seventh thing I love to do is party and hang out. When I turned 21, I started to party a lot and really saw what the night life was about. It has truly been an amazing ride as I have met many wonderful people and have experienced different party atmospheres around the city. There are two party locations that I really love. The first one is called the Skyroom. It’s located on W 40th Street in Manhattan. It holds the tallest roof top parties in all of New York. One can check it out in the video below. 

The second location I love is called the DL. It is located on Delancey Street, also in Manhattan. It is another type of rooftop party/lounge that has two floors, and it is always lively with people that love to party. Here is a look at the DL in another video.

FullSizeRender.jpgSince I started my list with family, I have to end my list with friends. The friends that I have, I consider them like family. They have introduced me to many things including the night life and also the importance of being able to establish bonds and friendships. Before hanging out with them, I stayed to myself and didn’t really enjoy myself. With them, I’ve been able to break my shell and grow into a better person.





Big 22
My brothers
Saturday Nights are always fun.

Thank you for reading guys. I hope you enjoyed it.




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